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Art & Visual Culture 1850 - 2010: Modernity to Globalisation

Art & Visual Culture 1850 - 2010: Modernity to Globalisation

ISBN: 9781849760973
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Edition: 01
Publication Date: 2013-01-17
Number of pages: 416

'1850-2010: Modernity to Globalisation' is from a text book series, published in association with The Open University, which offer an innovatory exploration of art and visual culture. Through carefully chosen themes and topics rather than through a general survey, the volumes approach the process of looking at works of art in terms of their audiences, functions and cross-cultural contexts. While focused on painting, sculpture and architecture, it also explores a wide range of visual culture in a variety of media and methods.'1850-2010: Modernity to Globalisation' includes essays which engage directly with topical issues around art and gender, globalisation, cultural difference and curating, as well as explorations of key canonical artists and movements and of some less well-documented work of contemporary artists.

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