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An Adventurous Life: The Costin-Nathan Story

An Adventurous Life: The Costin-Nathan Story

ISBN: 9780955393402
Publisher: Stephane Gutzwiller
Edition: Second
Publication Date: 2006-08-27
Number of pages: 184

This is the second edition of the story of a young man aged 17, with a taste for adventure started a motor racing career that lasted from 1961 to 1970. From becoming the youngest winner of the coveted National British Autosport Championship at 20 in a Lotus Elite in 1963 to a highly successful 1964 season in a Brabham BT8 Climax. He also became the leading Hillman Imp conversion specialist, pushing the all conquering Mini's from the rostrum. After meeting the renown Frank Costin, the highly successful Costin-Nathan series of sports racing cars were produced. An entry with the prototype C-N in the international Coupes de Paris at the Montlhery Autodrome resulted in the lone C-N beating the might of the works Fiat Abarth's, a real David and Goliath scenario. When he retired from racing aged 27, Roger held a total of 29 international lap records more than any other British driver. Most of these were gained driving cars his own cars manufactured in North London. He then moved from racing to flying and became inadvertently involved in two civil wars, the first in the Middle East and the second in Sierra Leone. The later high risk event is however, not covered in this book..

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