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A Sense of Freedom

A Sense of Freedom

ISBN: 9780330253031
Publisher: Pan Books
Publication Date: 1977-09-09
Number of pages: 272

A moving, tragic and controversial memoir from one of Britain's most violent ex-criminals. Jimmy Boyle grew up in Glasgow's Gorbals. All around him the world was drinking, fighting and thieving. To survive, he too had to fight and steal... Kids' gangs led to trouble with the police. Approved schools led to Borstal, and Jimmy was on his way to a career in crime. By his twenties he was a hardened villain, sleeping with prostitutes, running shebeens and money-lending rackets. Then they nailed him for murder. The sentence was life -- the brutal, degrading eternity of a broken spirit in the prisons of Peterhead and Inverness. Thankfully, Jimmy was able to turn his life around in prison and was released on parole. "A Sense of Freedom" is a searing indictment of a society that uses prison bars and brutality to destroy a man's humanity and at the same time an outstanding testament to one man's ability to survive, to find a new life, a new creativity, and a new alternative.

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